MM Trader

MM Trader is an automated software program that will buy and sell stocks completely unattended. It decides which stocks to buy, when to buy them, when to sell them, and at what prices. The strategy it uses is designed to maximize the gain and minimize the risk. It has been developed over several years based on a lifetime of trading experience by an analytically minded engineer. It uses proprietary probabalistic algorithms that have proven to work well in hundreds of backtests using thousands of stocks over dozens of time frames... and most importantly, in real day to day forward trading!

Email Trader

Stock Market software such as VectorVest and FreeStockCharts have the ability to send you emails when your price alerts or other criteria have been met. Now you can have those trades automatically executed in your Interactive Brokers account, the low-cost brokerage firm leader.


Extract data from web sites. Reformat the data into tables and add derived columns to have just the information you need instantly at your finger tips.


This is a free Android app. Create categories and add events. See how those events are positioned relative to other events in a vertically scaled timeline. Tap an event to get more details or select ListView to see a chronological listing of all events in the current category. Pre-loaded categories include Christianity, Famous People, Greece, Knowledge, Life, and Wars. Pinch to zoom in and out on the timeline. Drag to glide through time and watch events unfold as your mind puts you in that time and space. Facts turn into understanding as you get a feel for the relative timing between important events. History buffs or anyone curious about the timing of events of interest are sure to enjoy!

Gami's Gallery Android App

This offers the same fun as Gami's Gallery but in a mobile app.

MyT'Mill for Windows

Build a first-class school project. Engrave your own name plates, clip-art, or unique designs. Make parts to sell at craft fairs. Your imagination is the only limit! Just draw your part using your favorite or included CAD software, import it into MyT'Mill for WindowsTM or EasyCAM Pro for WindowsTM and Run the part. It's that simple and that fast. No programming is required!

EasyCAM Pro for Windows

This is an enhanced version of MyT'Mill with a completely different interface and more features, especially for a CNC lathe.

Gami's Gallery

This is a fun web site dedicated to my mother. It allows you to sign up for a free "newsletter" that contains one entry from each category of interest to you. Categories include Profound, Religious Stories, Patriotic, Humorous, Famous Quotes, Poems, This Day In History, Bible Verses, and Science Facts. You can specify which categories on which days to have the newsletter emailed to you. A different item from each category will be selected each time a newletter is created.

Virtual Human

Our mission is working toward the day when all diseases will be preventable, alleviating untold human misery and suffering. Simulate the physiology of healthy and pathological human conditions. Load your Blue Button medical data to see charts of your lab results trending over time and compare them to normal healthy ranges. Enter your symptoms to see possible conditions. (In development)


Use your Android smartphone to warn you of an impending epileptic seizure. (In development)


Manage your wireless sensors.